Admission Day Information

Admission Day Information
Arriving to campus
Prior to your arrival, you should receive a schedule for the day. Be prepared to spend approximately four hours completing this process. You may want to bring food or snacks with you. 
You must have your ID ready to show at our security gate to obtain a visitor pass. 
When you arrive, you will first go to the health center for general screenings. When you are finished with the health center, you will come to the admissions building. 
Parents will participate in a social history interview while your child will complete some general academic assessments. 
What kinds of assessments are conducted on the day of admission?
In State Students 
If your child is in Preschool, PreKindergarten. or Kindergarten age, 
  • A Play-based assessment/observation will be conducted
  • A language sample will be videotaped
If your child is in grades 1-12, your child will: 
  • Take the STAR Reading and Math tests
  • Demonstrate competency in reading a grade-level vocabulary list
  • Produce a language sample to be videotaped
If your child is applying for the ACCESS (18+ Program), your child will:
  • Produce a language sample to be videotaped
  • Take the STAR Reading and Math tests (if able)
  • Fry vocabulary list (if able)
  • Complete the ACCESS questionnaire 
Out-of-State Students
If you are coming to TSD from another state, your child will complete the assessments listed above. In addition to that, the Licensed Specialist in School Psychology or Diagnostician will need to conduct a review of existing information. 
Once these assessments and social history are completed, the multidisciplinary team will conduct staffing to review the information collected. 
The ARD meeting will begin after the staffing is completed. Once the ARD is complete, you will either take your child to the respective department or the dorm. 
If you are requesting daily (local) transportation, you will need to stop by the transportation department to complete the necessary forms.