Transportation Information

Dear Parent/Guardian:
The Transportation Department looks forward to serving your child(ren) and will make every effort to do so in a safe and timely manner. Please note that the pickup and delivery times listed are approximate and may vary due to traffic, weather, etc. Therefore, we ask that your child is ready at least 10 minutes prior to the pickup time and are prepared for the bus ride. The bus will not make restroom stops or return for forgotten items.
The bus is on a time schedule and will wait no more than two (2) minutes for your child to board before proceeding on route. The two minute rule does not begin until the designated stop time. The two-minute wait rule does not apply when the bus arrives at the location after the designated stop time and the bus will only wait up to one minute before proceeding on route. Note-For stops with more than one student rider, the bus will follow the 2 minute wait rule per stop, NOT for each rider. The bus will not be able to return for students and it will be your responsibility to transport your child to school.
Please notify the Transportation office at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the assigned pickup time if your child will not require transportation services on a given day or period of time. If your child is absent without notification for three consecutive days, the bus will not return until you contact the Transportation Dept. to restart service. If your child did not ride the bus in the morning but will need afternoon service, notify Transportation and your child’s department secretary prior to 12:00 noon.
If your child(ren) cannot be delivered without adult supervision, the designated person(s) must be at the drop-off location when the bus arrives or the child will be returned to TSD. The parent/guardian is responsible for picking up their child at TSD.
Parents/guardians must make a request in writing for a their child(ren) to go home on a bus with another student. We must also receive a written request from the receiving parent(s). Requests must be submitted to the Transportation Office and your child’s department secretary prior to 12:00 noon for that day so that the request can be confirmed and arrangements can be made in advance to avoid confusion, delays or lost students. Students not meeting these requirements will not be permitted to ride the requested bus.
Please contact the Transportation Department at (512) 462-5391 or you may email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns regarding transportation issues.
Zorna Jackson,
Transportation Coordinator

Transportation Contact Information: 

When sending a general email, please use the Transportation Office Email below. This will ensure your email is received, as this address goes to both our Dispatcher/Router and Administrative Assistant.


Zorna Jackson

Program Supervisor IV | Day School Bus Transportation 

Phone: 512-462-5386 | Send email 


Tammy Reardon


Phone: 512-462-5391 | Send email 


Michael Reardon

Shop Technician

Phone: 512-462-5375 | Send email 


Sarah Stephenson

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 512-462-5566 | Send email 


Transportation Office Email: [email protected]

Transportation Office Phone: 512.462.5391

Transportation Office Text Number: 512.827.9399 

Please be aware that if your child is a residential student, living on campus, their transportation is handled by the Residential Department and you can contact the Homegoing Coordinator in Residential Services at 512-462-5602.