In Home and Parent Training

In Home Training

In home training is a related service provided to a student to encourage generalization of skills mastered at school to home and community settings and/or to support the development of functional critical skills across settings.  Areas of focus include communication, self-help, behavior, and social skills.  After completion of an evaluation to identify a student's individual areas of need, the ARD/IEP committee will consider "viable alternatives" (i.e., consultation with school personnel, classroom observations, etc.) and/or develop goals/objectives outlining specific skills that will be addressed and will determine the frequency and duration of in home training services.  In home training may occur within the home or other community settings (i.e., daycare, restaurants, stores, etc.).


Parent Training


The goal of parent training is to provide parents with information and tools for assisting their child's development of communication, self help, behavior, and social skills.  Parent training is often provided to families of students receiving in home training to give parents the necessary skills to continue working on their child's individual goals/objectives when the trainer is not present within the home.  The ARD/IEP committee will identify specific areas of need and discuss "viable alternatives" through development of the Autism Supplement or within the deliberations of the ARD/IEP committee meeting. 




In Home Training is an ARD-driven process and is also addressed within the AU Supplement. All districts must consider in home training for students with Autism and may be considered for students with other disabilities. 


The determination is based on a needs assessment that is sent out annually (also attached below in English and Spanish). Services are not provided if the needs assessment is not returned by the parent/guardian. Parent/Guardians can decline services that are offered or inform the school that training is not needed at this time. 


TSD looks at areas that parents mark as “severe” and determine if these should be addressed it in school, through parent training, workshops to the parent, or if it requires someone to go to the home to assist with. If the area will be addressed by the school a plan will be created to add these areas to the IEP.


If the area is something that must be done within the home, then a plan to address these needs will be created with the parent/guardian. This includes determining the amount of time to master the goal/obj(s) (within the school year- can be a couple of times up to consistency 1-2x/wk; depending on severity). The trainer will meet with parents on expectations prior to the first session and then service will begin.   


*The TSD trainer will make up times that are missed due to their absence, but not if parent/child misses (like support services.)


Parent training can occur at any time of the day/week and could include TSD assisting families in paying for conferences, workshops, or other training opportunities related to their child's disabilities or needs. 


For additional information about in home/parent training, please contact your department Principal. 

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