What is Stopfinder?
Stopfinder is an easy-to-use app that provides parents and guardians a secured way to track their children's school bus in real-time. Stopfinder is secure and only for registered users. 
What the App can do:
•    View your student’s daily transportation assignments – including transfer trips and stops
•    Securely share your student’s schedule with caregivers
•    Receive notifications and updates related to transportation
•    Send real-time vehicle location notifications based on GeoAlert regions you create for your student
•    Send private messages to TSD Transportation Department
•    Send Estimated Time of Arrival notifications based on your student’s stop
Access Student Schedules:
Access to student schedules is granted only to the student’s designated contacts by the Transportation Department. The Stopfinder contacts, at their own discretion, may share their student’s schedule with caregivers (sub-subscribers.) An invitation to activate your Stopfinder account will be sent via email.
Install the App:
1. Activate your subscription
     - An invitation email will be sent from the TSD Transportation Department
2. Install the Stopfinder app
     - The Stopfinder app is available for download in the App Store as well as Google Play
3. View your student's schedule and share your student's schedule with caregivers
4. Create GeoAlerts, configure ETA Alerts and receive attendance notifications
5. Easily and securely communicate with your Transportation Department