Hello all,

My name is Tammy Wilson, and I'm so excited to be teaching English I and English II this year. My goal for you when you leave my class at the end of spring is for you to have grown into a compassionate and caring person who has strong language skills. Something worth noting about my grading policy is that no late work will be accepted, if you have something come up that will impact your ability to provide an assignment on time then you will need to email me in advance. We can always find a solution if you communicate with me. Additionally, I will provide one extra credit opportunity each quarter. I'm really looking forward to seeing each one of you learn and have fun in our classroom. I believe that learning should be exciting and enjoyable for everyone, and I'll do my best to make that happen.

A little bit about me is that I was born and raised in Texas and earned my Bachelors from Gallaudet University.  I am currently pursuing my Masters in Deaf Education at Lamar University.  Outside of TSD, I enjoy spending time with my partner, friends and family. 

Let's have a groovy time in the classroom together! If you need anything, just ask—I'm here for you. #GoRangers

Teacher: Ms. Tammy Wilson

Location: High School, Room #203

E-mail: [email protected]