Welcome to U.S. History Classroom #101

Hello from my U.S. History classroom! I'm Kristen Chapman, entering my 16th year of teaching. I'm excited to be back at the Texas School for the Deaf after taking 7 years off to raise my two youngest boys and having lived in the Washington DC area before returning to Austin, Texas.


A profound sense of belonging washed over me when I stepped back onto this campus. The Texas School for the Deaf undoubtedly holds its place as the best institution for deaf education in the country! During a previous span of 6 years, I taught U.S. History in this same classroom! I am elated to resume my role here, surrounded by four expansive windows with lots of daylight.


When I'm not teaching, I enjoy staying active, exploring local restaurants, hanging out with family and friends, and visiting places that hold special memories of our son Aydan, who battled childhood brain cancer and passed away in 2016. My oldest daughter, Annika, is heading to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX for college, and my younger boys, Austin and Andrew, are growing up quickly!


Teaching is natural to me. I earned a History degree from Gallaudet University and a Master's in Special Education/Deaf and Hard of Hearing from Texas Tech University. Witnessing my students flourish and prepare for life beyond graduation brings me profound satisfaction. I truly believe that a good education is the foundation for a successful life.