As an Information and Publications Specialist I have a few roles at TSD. Please if you need my assistance in one of the following areas contact me to see how can I help you.

Webmaster: I'm the main contact person for our web related issues (www.tsd.state.tx.us) If you have any information that needs to be updated, contact me and we will address the issue either with your assigned Web Ranger or with EDLIO (our website technical provider).

Lone Star Editor: My main goal is to collect stories related to TSD and design the Lone Star. If you have any stories that are important to the TSD community let me know and we will work together to include it in our latest edition. The Lone Star publishes every 3 months (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall)

Other Publications: I assist the School with the design and implementation of all sorts of publications, such as: Annual Reports, Programs, Invitations, Athletic's Programs and Booklets, Diamond Event printed materials, etc - If you need help with a design job just send me an email and we will coordinate previous approval of our supervisors.

Photography: I provide assistance by taking pictures of some of the TSD events, my focus and goal is to take pictures for publication use, meaning that I will be taking pictures that are more candid and casual. If you need assistance to cover and event, please contact me and we can coordinate it.