Master Plan/Deferred Maintenance Updates

We are nearing the completion of the GMP package 5. The major projects currently underway are described below:


Cottage 570 renovations were completed in late November and HR has made a successful transition as of the beginning of this week. They are finishing getting settled in, and we hope they enjoy their

new permanent home.


Additional Card Readers have been installed across campus including Clinger Gym, MPR, the Auditorium, Admissions, the Pease building and pedestrian gates into the campus. Convergint is on campus completing the wiring and activation of the readers and most are now operational. Once the wiring is complete they will be added

to our card reader system software, and staff access will be added.


The Central Services and Early Learning Center is on track for completion in Summer of 2021. Underground utilities have been run, the elevator pit excavated, the foundation poured, and we are finalizing AV and data plans.


Kleberg Welding Shop is scheduled for an air circulation upgrade to handle the increased output from the individual welding booths. There is a temporary exhaust system in place for the Spring semester and the permanent system will be installed over the summer.


Master Plan Phase II Scope of Work meetings have begun as we start to plan for our new Culinary Arts expansion and increased campus Traffic Circulation and Security upgrades.