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TSD aspires to be a premier leader in bilingual education that challenges each student to reach their full potential. Recognizing this vision, the Public Information Officer’s goal is to create an effective communications conduit between the school and the public. 


Promoting the school and educating the public about the amazing educational accomplishments and the variety of services and programs provided by TSD will not only attract more community partners but also visibility to elected state leadership.


The outcome will be more financial support to continue TSD’s mission and increased educational outcomes for TSD students.


On this page, you’ll find resource information related to the TSD Governing Board, Legislative Updates, Campus Resources, Community Partners, and Media Relations.


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Updated August 2023

August 10, 2023


ASL Video:


Greetings TSD Staff,


We know everyone is busy getting ready to welcome our students and families back to TSD; however, I want to share some important information. Yesterday, Claire and Peter shared a welcome letter with our families, which you can find here:


In my capacity as the Public Information Officer, I am responsible for updating you on the Superintendent transition, a task I will do periodically. The TSD Governing Board is fully dedicated to facilitating an inclusive process for the new Superintendent’s transition into TSD. This process is designed to build upon the progress achieved at TSD, while also charting a course for the future under new leadership. It encompasses both internal and external aspects, aimed at providing the incoming Superintendent with a deeper understanding of the organizational capacity and efforts to ensure that students learn, grow, and belong at TSD.


Here are a few updates on the ongoing transition:

  • Claire and Peter have been collaborating informally since the beginning of July. Their primary focus has been on staff, organizational matters, and the opening of school.
  • Effective August 1st, Cynthia Foss, the executive assistant to the Superintendent, retired and Colleen Drews was selected as her replacement. Kimberly Smith (KV) and myself remain members of the Superintendent staff.
  • The month of August is their overlap month as Co-Superintendents. This is a critical part of the transition. There will be significant focus on updating and modifying various authorization functions and approval processes, an essential facet of the transition journey.
  • They have also been updating strategic goals, meeting with various stakeholders, and preparing for an upcoming Board meeting scheduled from August 31st to September 1st, all important components of the transition process.
  • Sometime before September 1st, Claire and Peter will switch offices.
  • On September 1st, Peter will officially become the lone Superintendent, while Claire will transition into the role of Special Assistant to the Superintendent. (Further details about this transition will be provided.)
  • The Superintendent Team prepared an extensive Google Drive filled with critical transition topics. Claire and Peter will continue to navigate through these documents and processes, occasionally involving other ELT and SLT staff members as necessary.

If you have any inquiries regarding the transition, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.




Gabriel Cardenas

Public Information Officer

Superintendent's Office

Texas School for the Deaf