LBB and McConnell, Jones, Lanier and Murphy Audit

 Watch the ASL Video or read the transcript below. 

Dear Staff,

I know you are all preparing to exit for Spring Break, but I have some important information to share.  Beginning Monday March 21 through Friday April 1, TSD will be having a School Performance Review conducted by the Legislative Budget Board in conjunction with a consulting firm, McConnell, Jones, Lanier and Murphy, MJLM.We have been collecting and uploading a great deal of data to the LBB in preparation for this audit.  MJLM and the LBB are currently developing a schedule of interviews, meetings and focus groups to be held on campus.  They will be communicating with Claire during the Spring Break so things are ready to launch on March 21st.
Diana Poeppelmeyer will be our point of contact for the audit team.  Diana will contact any of you that are requested to participate in interviews.  She will work with the team to schedule the time and place of the interviews, including the scheduling of interpreters. Most meetings will occur in the CTE dining room, conference room and if necessary the Career Center. We would appreciate your flexibility in accommodating the interview requests.
We see this audit as an opportunity for TSD to shine and for the audit team to see the many ways that our talented and committed staff MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of our students and families.
Please welcome the team, make them feel at home and show them what it means for our kids to LEARN, GROW and BELONG at TSD.
Enjoy your Spring Break,

Claire Bugen, Superintendent