Information about TSD

TSD Students
Each school district shall provide written information about the Texas School for the Deaf to parents and guardians. (TX Education Code, §§ 30.004, 30.051, 30.057)
The Texas School for the Deaf provides comprehensive day, residential, or short-term education services to students from birth through age 22 who are deaf or hard of hearing and may have additional disabilities.
The school is not intended to serve:
  • Students whose needs are appropriately addressed in a home or hospital setting or a residential treatment facility.
  • Students whose primary, ongoing needs are related to severe or profound emotional, behavioral, or cognitive deficits.
Students are referred for admission to the Texas School for the Deaf by the school district in which the student resides through the student’s IEP; the student’s parent or legal guardian; or the student if age 18 or older.
The rights of parents and students in regard to admission and appeals are addressed in the Texas Education Agency's (TEA's) Notice of Procedural Safeguards. See page 12. 
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