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Volume 6, Issue 6
CTE Showcase
The CTE Showcase returned this April with a great turnout that included kids from the Early Learning Center (ELC) through high school as well as instructional administrators.
Tours were led by CTE students who greeted visitors and highlighted various CTE classes. Several classes even offered visitors hand-on interactive experiences, like buffing a car's hood, painting a TSD Ranger, and changing a baby's diaper.
The purpose of the event is to educate others about the different programs the CTE department offers, such as Welding, Automotive Technology, Child Development, Culinary Arts, Visual Communications, Robotics, Construction Technology, Printing, Art, and Forensic Science.

Photos of the event can be viewed HERE.
Photo shows students seated on the floor watching instructions on how to play the game diaper dash in Child Development class.
Photo shows students trying out protective helmets in Automotive Technology class.
Photo shows Welding class students posing.
Photo shows proud CTE student under a red banner that reads, “Career and Technical Education Showcase.”
Photo shows ELC students checking out the robotics course.
Photo shows art student showing project to school administrators.
Photo shows a Forensic Science class student showing an exhibit to elementary students.
Photo shows Culinary Arts student talking to a group of elementary school students sitting at the worktable.

Baby Chickens in ELC

Students in the Early Learning Center learned about the life cycle through incubating and hatching chickens. They had to be very patient as we counted down the days on the calendar until they would hatch.  They hatched over the long holiday weekend in April, and students and staff were delighted to come back to fuzzy babies they could hold.  Everyone has been amazed at how quickly they have gotten bigger and grown feathers.  The best part of the morning is coming into the ELC and saying hi to our new feathered friends.
A group of ELC students looks on intently as their teacher shows them the baby chicks.
Photo shows student touching an egg inside an incubator.
Photo shows a smiling student holding a baby chick.
Photo shows a group of students around the plastic clear bin that's home to the baby chicks.

Math Hacker

Math Hacker competitors Sean W. and Andrey A. reached the semi-finals at the annual RIT/NTID Math Competition in March.
The nationwide competition, which was held virtually and during Spring Break, had all TSD students qualify the first round, where each competitor had 45 minutes to answer 30 questions.
Huey Z., Zyle S., Sean W., and Andrey A. advanced to the quarter finals where competitors who ranked in the top 50% out of the 107 competitors had to answer 15 questions in 20 minutes.
Congrats to TSD's Math Hackers and coaches Dawn Hoyt Kidd and Laura Christian.
Six math hacker competitors wearing black tee shirt with a yellow image of Albert Einstein with text that reads Texas School for the Deaf Math Hackers You Are What You Eat.
Top row from L to R:  Sean W.,(8) Andrey A. (8), Karter L. (8)
Bottom row L to R:  Zyle S. (7), Huey Z. (6) and Isaiah F. (6)

APD cadets provided presentation on Deaf awareness

Austin Police Department's (APD) cadet class visited TSD as part of their Community Connect program, where cadets interact and learn from different communities in Austin.
While visiting the school, they were provided a presentation and panel discussion that touched on Deaf culture, the importance of communication, and tips regarding how law enforcement can better interact with the Deaf community.
Avonne Brooker-Rutowski, who now works for Gallaudet University, provided the presentation. Malibu Barron, TSD's Coordinator of Equity and Inclusion, Sheri Mize, TSD's Driver's Education teacher, Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) Trooper Ramiro Brito, APD Lt. Jay Swann, and TSD students Joel P. and Sarah S. participated in the panel discussion.
Photo shows APD cadets lined up outside under a tree.
Photo shows a panel of six individuals seated behind a table covered in white linens in the TSD auditorium.
Photo shows Avonne Brooker-Rutowski on stage in the auditorium providing a presentation to the APD cadets.
Photo shows Avonne Brooker-Rutowski with APD Lt. Jay Swann, and DPS Trooper Ramiro Brito.
TSD Welcomes TFC Commissioners to New Facilities
Commissioners from the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) visited the new Administrative and Welcome Center and Early Learning Center in April. TFC was an instrumental partner in the building of the new facilities.
As the Commissioners walked around the building, they had many questions regarding the school and its programs, especially the Early Learning Center, which Rachel Baker, ELC's director, answered.
TFC Commissioners stand in front of the new Administrative and Welcome Center (AWC). Left to Right: Daniel Yen (Project Manager, TFC), John Raff (Deputy Executive Director, TFC), TFC Commissioner Eddy Betancourt, TFC Commissioner Larry Long, TFC Commissioner Brian Bailey, TFC Chairman Steven D. Alvis, and TFC Executive Director Mike Novak.
Spotlight: Promotoras
The first training since before the start of the pandemic, TSD's Statewide Outreach Center (SOC) recently hosted a Zoom meeting with Texas A&M frontline health care workers, known as Promotoras, on early intervention strategy for birth to three-year-olds. Promotoras is the Spanish term for "community health worker." These individuals receive specialized training to provide basic health education.
Jennifer Prigge, Donna Valverde-Hummel, along with Mirna Saucedo with Family Signs, were instrumental in coordinating and providing the training.
Photo shows the SOC training via Zoom on a laptop computer.
It's Official... TSD is accredited
Photo shows TSD staff accepted their official Award of Accreditation at the annual CEASD Conference in Salt Lake City. Russell West, future Accreditation Chair, and Jeff Bravin, TSD Visiting Team member, joined the celebration.
TSD staff accepted their official Award of Accreditation at the annual CEASD Conference in Salt Lake City. Russell West, future Accreditation Chair, and Jeff Bravin, TSD Visiting Team member, joined the celebration.
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