International Studies: Learning from Vietnam

During the event, our students shared fascinating stories from their trip, taking everyone on a journey through Vietnam's cities, countryside, and cultural treasures. They talked about meeting new friends, trying delicious food, and exploring ancient temples and landmarks.

But more than just sightseeing, our students talked about the important things they learned. They spoke about understanding others, being open-minded, and how these experiences can bring people closer together, no matter where they're from.

Their stories really made an impact, sparking conversations about why travel and learning about different cultures are so important. Through their stories, our students inspired others to be curious about the world and to embrace new experiences.

As we remember this special event, we're reminded of the power of learning from each other and exploring new places. Even though their trip is over, the lessons they shared will stay with us, encouraging us to keep exploring and learning together.

We want to thank our International Studies Program students for sharing their stories, and everyone who came to listen and learn with us. Let's keep discovering, growing, and connecting with the world around us.