Paul Stropko Recently Applied for and TSD Was Awarded a Sea Perch Grant

These ROVs - which resemble small submarines - will give TSD and other students the opportunity to build an ROV from scratch and learn how to operate the ROV in a swimming pool or in an outdoor water environment.  Students will be required to learn about engineering design, electronic circuits, marine environments and buoyancy principles.

We will be using these kits for upcoming Discovery Retreats and possibly in Summer Programs and robotics classes.  These kits will provide students an excellent opportunity for hands on experience with ROVs - which is a hot topic in technology these days.  These kits will fit in well with the DeafTEC and TAMU Sea Grant projects. 

Paul learned about this program when he attended a recent Sea Perch training at Region 13. This grant is administered by the Office of Naval Research.  Thanks to Paul for pursuing this opportunity.