Family Student Advocacy Services Team

The purpose of Family and Student Advocacy Services is to cultivate and promote parent and family involvement by bridging the gap between home and TSD. 

We are committed to providing support and resources for families and students of TSD. 

We believe that families are important to the success of all students at TSD and that they play important roles in all aspects of a child’s achievement during their school years. 

We believe that school and family partnership is crucial to ensuring the development of the whole child through 2-way communication and engagement. 


Social Workers

  • Assists families with community supports (e.g. community agency referrals for food, clothing, housing, and medical supports)
  • Provides case management to students and families 
  • Serves as advocates for students and families
  • Assists with referrals for community service for students with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and/or Mental Health needs
  • Provides ongoing training/education for TSD staff, students and families regarding Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and Improper Child Care
  • Conducts investigations regarding allegations of Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and Improper Child Care 

Hispanic Support

Provides support to Hispanic students and their families to meet their cultural, linguistic and cognitive needs. Fosters communication and relationships between the Hispanic deaf child and his/her family and community.  Preforms interpreting and translating Spanish into English or reverse for all parent meetings, phone calls and the translation of all school correspondence. Primary agency contact for Spanish speaking families. Serves as a Liaison and provides Interpretation/translation between Teachers, Nurses, Counselors, Social Workers, Residential Staff, and Hispanic Families.

Parent Support

  • Parent Educational Nights (workshops)
  • Parent Support (resources, information-sharing)
  • Volunteers
  • Family tours
  • Transition planning
  • Bus Stop Meetings for Residential Families