Hello! My name is Daniel Veit and I’m the Supervisor of Career & Technical Education (CTE) and Career & Transition Services (CTS). This is my fifth year working at Texas School for the Deaf. Prior to arriving at TSD, I worked at New Mexico School for the Deaf as a Student Life Educator then as a Work Study Program Coordinator/Transition Specialist for five years before moving to Washington, DC to work for Gallaudet University as a Career Consultant for 6 years. As a Career Consultant at Gallaudet, I helped students with their career planning decisions, helped in identifying appropriate internships and finding employment as they approach graduation. The allure of working with younger students, especially during their high school years, where I think critical transition and career planning should be happening, was enticing enough for me to relocate to Austin to work with high school students at TSD.

My wife and I have three children at home, along with an Aussie Shepherd and egg-laying chickens. I enjoy mountain biking, home renovations, working with my hands such as landscaping, gardening, welding, and most importantly, I enjoy being a life-long learner. I like learning new things, especially when it comes to new trades & technical related skills.

Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at [email protected].

Onwards and upwards!
Daniel Veit