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Thank you for your interest in Texas School for the Deaf (TSD).  In order to respond to your request for admission, please fill out and return the appropriate application to the Admissions Office. See links to applications at the bottom. 

  • Prospective students who wish to enroll in Texas School for the Deaf and are in PreSchool - 12th grade, please complete and submit the application below.
  • If you are applying for ECE/Elementary School or your child struggles with functional skills, please complete and submit the CARES checklist so we may better plan for your child to be here. 
  • Prospective students who have already graduated from high school and wish to enroll in our Adult Curriculum for Community, Employment, and Social Skills or ACCESS program, please complete and submit the TSD and ACCESS applications included in one link below.

For more information, please contact: 

Admissions Office
VP: 512-782-4262 / 512-462-5412 (voice)
Fax: 512-462-5615