Parent Information

Parent/Guardian/Adult Student Participation

Parents/Guardians and our student's families are an essential, deeply valued part of our TSD community. It is important to us that our families and are able to fully participate in their child's education.
Texas School for the Deaf sends invitations to all annual ARD meetings 10 days prior to the meeting along with your procedural safeguards. If you are unable to attend the date and time stated on the notice, please contact your department supervisor and the TSD registrar.
You may be able to participate by phone or by Zoom. Other non-annual meetings are scheduled at times and days that are mutually agreed upon by the school and parent. 
After the meeting in finished, the registrar sends a copy to the adult student, parent/guardian, or family member designated in our system as the primary caregiver(s). Each Local Education Agency is also sent a copy for their records as many school districts provide transportation or have referred students to TSD. If you do not want your local education agency (LEA) to receive a copy or be invited to your ARD meeting, please let the registrar know. 
Most meetings include a sign language interpreter if a member of the committee is not fluent in ASL. Our Hispanic Family Liaisons attend all ARD meetings with our Spanish-speaking families. 

Here are some resources regarding your rights and special education law:   

The Legal Framework: click here The Legal Framework is a statewide leadership project partnering with the Texas Education Agency and Region 18 Education Service Center. The project which includes contacts from each educational service center is a compilation of state and federal requirements for special education organized by topic in a user-friendly format. This site includes frameworks, publications, and resources helpful in the special education process. There is a glossary of terms and acronyms, links to laws, rules and guidance; and a search feature. 

Texas Parents First: click here  Created by parents, for parents...this website is a project of the Texas Education Agency and is committed to providing accurate and consistent information to parents & families of students with disabilities. 

SPEDTex: provides information and resources that can help you understand your child’s disability, your rights, and responsibilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and facilitate collaboration that supports the development and delivery of services to children with disabilities in our state.

Notice of Procedural Safeguards: Rights of Parents of Students with Disabilities: The Notice of Procedural Safeguards: Rights of Parents of Students with Disabilities explains the specific rights and responsibilities of the parent in the special education process. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act 2004 (IDEA 2004) requires school districts to give parents the Procedural Safeguards only one time a year, except upon initial referral or on request for evaluation; the first occurrence of the filing of a due process hearing complaint; or upon request by a parent. The Procedural Safeguards are available in English and Spanish. The requirements for providing the notice also apply to adult students with disabilities (for more information about adult students, see Commissioner's Rule Section 89.1049. Parental Rights Regarding Adult Students). It is available in English and Spanish and can be found below or by clicking here. 

Procedural Safeguards - English

Procedural Safeguards - Spanish
Procedural Safeguards - Arabic

Procedural Safeguards - Burmese

Procedural Safeguards - Chinese

Procedural Safeguards - Farsi

Procedural Safeguards - French

Procedural Safeguards - German

Procedural Safeguards - Gujarti

Procedural Safeguards - Hindi

Procedural Safeguards - Japanese

Procedural Safeguards - Korean

Procedural Safeguards - Laotian

Procedural Safeguards - Nepali

Procedural Safeguards - Portuguese

Procedural Safeguards - Russian

Procedural Safeguards  - Somali

Procedural Safeguards - Tagalog

Procedural Safeguards - Urdu

Procedural Safeguards - Vietnamese


Parent Guide to the ARD Process: (Parent's Guide) implements Texas Education Code (TEC) Section 26.0081 requiring the TEA to create a comprehensive, easily understood document that explains the individualized education program (IEP) process for a student in a special education program. Additionally, the Parent's Guide incorporates a parent’s rights and responsibilities concerning the ARD process. It is available in English and Spanish and can be found below and by clicking here. 

ARD Guide - English

ARD Guide - Spanish

ARD Guide - Arabic

ARD Guide - Burmese

ARD Guide - Chinese

ARD Guide - Farsi

ARD Guide - French

ARD Guide - German

ARD Guide - Gujarati

ARD Guide - Hindi

ARD Guide - Japanese

ARD Guide - Korean

ARD Guide - Laotian

ARD Guide - Nepali

ARD Guide - Portuguese

ARD Guide - Russian

ARD Guide - Somali

ARD Guide - Tagalog

ARD Guide - Urdu

ARD Guide - Vietnamese