About Me

Hello!  I was born in New York City, raised in Long Island, and studied and worked in Massachusetts.  I have a B.S. in Deaf Studies and a M.Ed. in Deaf Education, both from Boston University.  I worked at The Learning Center for the Deaf in Framingham, MA for 20 years.  The last seventeen years was as a teacher.  The first two of those years was for the Walden School and the last fifteen of those years was for Marie Philip School's high school.  I have been teaching professionally since 2003.
This is my third year teaching at the Texas School for the Deaf's High School.  I teach all the core Social Studies courses - World Geography, U.S. History, Government, and Economics.  I also coach one of TSD's two 5th/6th grade volleyball teams.  I previously coached Marie Philip School's varsity team for seven years.  I also coach TSD's Special Olympics Texas (SOTX) bowling team.  I coached for MPS's Special Olympics Massachusetts bowling team for three years.  I look forward to continue to bring my expertise and enthusiasm for academics and recreation to the TSD community.  I strive to learn and grow professionally on the job here thanks to our wonderful staff and students.
I am a teacher because, having grown up Deaf myself, I am enthusiastic about supporting our Deaf youth.  I strive to provide a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable environment where our students can be themselves, learn, and grow.  I want our students to be as independent, knowledgeable, and prepared as possible for the many years to come after they graduate from High School.  I encourage my students, their parents and caretakers, and my colleagues to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.  For now, you can use the links on the right side of this page to access my syllabi, usual policies, and grading policy.  I am happy to do what I can to make this school year even better for us all!
I live in Austin.  My various interests include aviation, baseball (go Yankees!), city and trail biking, computers, board and video gaming, pro wrestling, reading, learning Spanish, being vegan, volleyball, and working out.